Gold Wings Kijou

Gold Wings Kijou

Kijou is born May 28 1996.
He is a dainty and very clever little fella.

He is full sibling to Chester and Coloree

Lone Clausen, Denmark

Sch Dkch WŚranz Orpheuz Sch WŚranz le Petit Cockon Dolenzio Sch Intch Silenzio's Silenzio
Nch WŚranz La-Dolci Wita
O-Mama-Mia WŚranz Snobben
WŚranz Omy-Blue-Haven
Ch. Gold Wings Tinkerbell Ch. Fly High Candido Sch Noveau Scarlet Pimpernel
Ch. Fly High Tiara
Ch. Gold Wings Oliwia of Fox Tjau Fox
Gold Wings Nadia The Nigtbird